When you are gone, they will still need help


NDL Residential Care, Inc. (NDL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating residential care facilities for adults with autism and other special needs. In addition to basic care, the facilities would have sufficient size to support an in-house staff dedicated to providing appropriate social and emotional needs of the residents.


The current trend in caring for adults with special needs is to create loving homes with just a few residents. Residents receive plenty of support for getting jobs, transportation, food and shelter, but nothing exists that would provide social opportunities on an ongoing basis. Typically, social support comes from parents of residents. These parents worry about the quality of life for their adult children, especially after the parents can no longer provide support. NDL intends to create a larger facility (or a collection of smaller facilities) which would be large enough administratively to support a social director. Such a person, whether called a social director or something else, would have the responsibility and the passion to take an active interest in the lives of the residents and would encourage the residents to be active after work hours


NDL has examined the landscape of options for adults with special needs. A typical resident for this service would be a man or woman with mild to moderate disabilities who can hold a job but may need assistance with daily living skills. Residents with autism or Down Syndrome might be included in this description. A home modeled on existing assisted living facilities for the elderly would suit their basic needs quite well. What makes the NDL model unique is to take the assisted living facility, add a strong social component, a therapy center and vocational training. With appropriate staff, the facility will become a home to the special needs community. This would become "assisted living with basketball courts."


NDL plans to build or acquire a facility that would house up to 50 adults. The facility would include several recreational areas (meeting rooms, athletic areas, and multipurpose areas). It should be located close to public transportation, as many of the residents will require public transportation to get to work.


Independent Living for Adults with Special Needs


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